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  • Gil Magno's method of "The Person Behind the Voice," requires integrating the aesthetics of vocal culture with self-empowerment through the products below.

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Guarantee: "All of my products are a labor of love. However, mistakes do take place. If one of my DVD's, videos, audio tapes or CD's should have a defect, please let me know immediately and it will be promptly replaced. Note: Some CD's sometimes skip on different players. It is usually not a defect."


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FREE DVD movie, "My Gift to You."  This is a movie of my work, creations, and coaching.  Request it freely at,

The Path of Hidden Knowledge - Create Your Own New World

The Textbook to Course 5A - In Tune with Self Through Spiritual Science 

This latest book is positively what is needed now in our confused and changing world! But it's not for everybody. It is for you only; to achieve individual freedom in every area of life, and to start your own world. It has been tweeked to perfection. The few will clamor for it!     230 Pages of Freedom. 

The Path of Hidden Knowledge:   Start Your Own New World -              

by Gil Magno

Incredible material you're not supposed to know. That's all we're going to say!  Become immune to all the current gloom and doom and all the ridiculous fads of today, from the economy to government.  The answer to personal freedom integrated in 230 pages.

Click on the PayPal button to buy and receive a PDF copy by e-mail almost immediately. Only $15.00! No, not $1,500.00. Just $15.00!

All of Gil's teachings include free questions & answers by e-mail


It's ready! The Personal Magnetism Library of Self Education. Go to Page #10

Transcending Their Lies:

An Artist's Struggle to Free Himself From the Lies of Civilization

At Last Gil Magno's Autobiography Recently Published

"Awsome! As I read the manuscript the fuses kept blowing. So much passion, insight, courage and future-seeing. Magno treads the untrodden. No performer, teacher or lover of freedom should be without this book. Now I know I can be free." G.O.G., Miami, FL

"There were moments, as I read the first draft, when the tears just welled up in my eyes. At an age when most young men enjoy themselves with trivialities, the author struggled with everything from enough to eat, to raising tuition for college, to battling with deep inner conflicts ranging from a phobia to spiritual contradictions. The words tell the story, but the poetry echoes the pain and passion." J. B. Hollywood, CA, USA

More information on Autobiography

The Secret

New expanded edition
By Gil Magno

No, this is not The Secret you've heard of.  Gil's was written in 1999.  Do not buy this book if your mind is completely conditioned by the lies of the past. You might be shocked. But if you are progressive, after studying and meditating on these 561 concepts, your life will change forever. These ideas will be the way of life permanently in 2025.  This book alone will bring about a trasnsformation; but it will be mainly an intellectual one, minus the experiences you will undergo in the transformations of Course #5 and 5A.  The concepts will enlighten you in the 5 conditions for total happiness: Health, Personal Power, Wealth, Love and Sex.

USA $15.00Foreign $19.00


USA $15.00Foreign $19.00

The Story of My Transformation and How You Too Can Transform                        

             Now available on 2 CDs     $17.00

This 2 hour and 40 minute 2 audio CD program is the story of how Gil Magno, a Vocal Coach and Personal Development Consultant in Coconut Grove, FL, went through a personal transformation that allowed him to eliminate a very bad phobia that he had most of his life. It also contains a step by step prescription for your own transformation.

The Poetry of Gil Magno
In a CD titled, To You - My Imaginary Friend

At last, Gil Magno demystifies poetry. Immediately after listening to the introduction you too will be able to write poetry that is art -- not silly words. The show opens with an excerpt from Gil's original, surreal, classic love song, Janisse, for voice and orchestra. Then comes a spoken introduction titled, What Is Poetry, that shows you how to write an authentic poem in minutes. Then, in his magnetic voice, he takes you through a philosophical, and sometimes funny, decoration with words in 16 poems. It ends with the famous Neo-Tech poem, I'm Going Back Home. All poems contain introductory annotations that make them even more interesting. You will surely be uplifted listening to this CD. It offers an exalted view of romantic love and an exquisite aspiration for a world of the future. This CD is one of a kind.

1/15/03: "Greetings Gil! I just wanted to let you know that your new CD with the poems was quite inspiring to me. I started writing some poetry about a year ago, and I found your CD to be a useful instrument in learning more about the art in general. Surprisingly, as I listened to your CD, more ideas were being generated involuntarily in my head as well. In any event, thank you for sharing your poems and the beautiful music with the world." Eva Leung - Actress/Model/Singer - Miami


"Hi Gil - There are so many good poems on the CD. I especially like - 5, 8,13, and 16. I love the poems and your delivery of them." Alton Wagner

* * *

"To you my real good friend: “Thank you so much for the CD. I got it in the mail yesterday and listened to it last night. Hey, you have some really good poems on it. I especially liked "The Ambitious Guitarist", "The Dancer", "To The Rain" and "Drinking Glass". I love the rain too. I love to watch the rain. People never understand when I tell them that. Good work!! Thanks again.” Mark Berg, Cambridge, MA.

Foreign Shipping: 13.00 + 3.00 shipping = Total 16.00

USA: 13.00 + 1.00 shipping - Total 14.00

Listen to, I'm Going Back Home

  "The" Magno Vocal Course #1

Big Video Sale - Only a Few Left

Now available on 2 DVD's

Study with Gil Magno no matter where you are. These 3 one hour VHS videos or 2 DVDs contain all the basic techniques of natural singing as taught in person by Mr. Magno. Being acclaimed all over the world as the quickest and simplest way to learn to sing correctly. You'll save exactly 324.00 by studying with the videos. Practice EACH of the 10 lessons for a minimum of 5 days per week, without looking ahead, and watch your voice grow amazingly in strength, flexibility and intonation.

“I have been practicing now for three weeks. And these lessons really make a big difference. A BIG DIFFERENCE. I am very happy with the results: a much stronger and projective voice and an increase in range. The lessons are great. It really works! Thanks 

Dear Mr. Magno: I recently purchased your Vocal Course #1 and have been happily working away with disk one for a number of weeks now. Your course is absolutely magnificent! I have already had a solid year of voice lessons (which have cost me some !) but your course is taking me far beyond what I have learned from direct instruction. I am already recommending this course to lots of friends who want to learn how to sing over here in Germany. Also, please send me an announcement as soon as the more advanced courses are out. I will want to buy all of them!! With many thanks for your masterful instruction. Dr. D. K., Germany

"I purchased Gil Magno's Vocal Course #1 and was amazed with how quickly I began to see a difference in my voice. The videos are very easy to follow and use actual students which is helpful because when he corrects something that they do in order to get the sound out correctly you are then able to see why he instructs you to do certain exercises and/or motions with your mouth. If you follow his instructions carefully and practice everyday you will most definitely see a difference in the strength and sound of your voice. It also gave me the confidence to attend a live vocal course with Gil which I was hesitant to do before because I didn't know if I had it in me to sing like a professional. Thank you Gil." Rachael Beers, Miami, FL.

"I have begun my first week of voice lessons using your set of video tapes. I have decided not to view ahead and stay with each lesson as they come, so I'm still on lesson #1. I am new to singing in many respects, so the way you begin at a very basic level with your student is great for me. Even after only 4 days, I feel that I am learning things about singing that I have never felt in my body and never realized were important." Sonia Bauer

"Dear Gil, I want to thank you again for the tapes. My tonal quality has improved 100%. Its nice to now have my natural voice. Before I would almost cringe when I heard my voice on tape, knowing that is not how I should sound." Jeffrey Rizzo, CA.

Hi Gil - I am taking singing classes but I was not satisfied with the training and wanted some additional help to do better for myself and in my course. So, I purchased your singing course for beginners... I honestly believe that I have learned more in your classes with exercises and breathing than I have in my life class... the way you teach it with "authority" is better than any other version I have heard so far. What is next for me? Thanks! L.P.

On 2 DVD's - $75.00 - Shiping Same Day & First Class Mail.


Vocal Course #2 - The Magno Vocal Course #2

Available in a set of 10 CDs. It teaches you all the basic techniques you need to know to become an excellent singer. In 10, actual live, non-script classes, with annotations added, Mr. Magno, in his usual intense and magnetic manner, takes you through all the secrets of power in the voice, for singing, speaking and living. You will learn the secrets of sound production; how to open the throat at will to change the quality of your voice; how to breathe for singing and living; how to add reverberation to the voice; how to develop intention; and much more, including 5 songs. In person this course would cost you 500.00 .

"Magno's Vocal Course #2 is awesome. It really strengthened my voice and turned me into a pro. Before using these tapes, people told me I couldn't sing. Now they tell me what a good singer I am. My dreams are coming true. Thanks Gil.  Brad McAllister - The Donkey Man, Hollywood, CA.

"I came to you for one lesson last July when my son, Josh, was playing golf in Ft. Lauderdale. I found your technique very helpful and have since sent the cassettes and materials on to my daughter in LA who is an actor. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and others. I look forward to one day our paths crossing. Peace through music." Joy Myers - Music Teacher

10 CDs in special jewel case - $110.00  Shipping included

Telephone Consulting     I am now accepting consultations by Phone or Skype from individuals who wish to make fast progress but have no access to a reliable source of information and/or tutoring. I can be consulted on any phase of vocal/singing development as well as personal development; EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques); and the various courses below to achieve personal freedom and success on the performing stage and the stage of life.

Use of Skype Now Available

You can now take any of my courses on Skype.  See Courses listed below.  Go to Page 7: www.GMagno.com/custom3.html Choose the proper step for you, call me, and tell me what course you want to proceed with.  Then click on the PayPal button to pay your tuition.  All courses and consultations are the same price, 50.00 per hour session.

Here is a list of all the Courses that can now be taken on Skype:


Course #5 - Self Transformation through Personal Magnetism.

    Course #5A - In Tune with Self through Spiritual Science.

    All specialized sessions in EFT.

    Discovering Your Purpose in Life Process - One single 1 hour session.

    Magno Vocal Course #1 - 10 1 hour classes, one hour per week.
    Magno Vocal Course #2 - 10 1 hour classes, one hour per week.

* * *  

 The miraculous EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques is used to eliminate stage fright, and panic attacks forever, and all other personal hang-ups. All Classes and General Consultations are of 1 hour duration and the fee is 50.00. Click on the PayPal button below to pay and e-mail HERE to schedule the appointment and specify the Course or Session you want.  I will reply with available times.

".....On meeting Gil for the first time last year, I found him to be serious yet affable, patrician yet approachable, and focussed yet open to the moment. Gil helped me immensely recently with some life-critical issues concerning nutrition, addiction and mental health. In a 15-minute phone conversation he graciously offered viable solutions based on his own decades-long search and experiences in philosophy, nutrition, performance and self-actualisation. Gil is not looking for devotees or chelas, as far as I can tell, but possesses enormous practical knowledge that he offers to dedicated students who want to draw on his life experiences... thru his books, courses and intimate, personal coaching. Having studied, lived and applied the discoveries of F.W. Wallace's Neo-Tech, Nathaniel Branden's/Ayn Rand's Objectivism, and many other teachings of self-discovery and liberation, Gil Magno embodies, for me, a man who is victorious in the moment-to-moment struggle to be free, creating prosperity, and building love of self... a love that is evident and contagious toward others who have the distinct pleasure of knowing and learning from Gil." C. Bell 1/31, 2002

* * *


"I was impressed with your personal power. You certainly have the ability to use your magnetism to make your points stick. You gave an impression of complete poise and non-reactivity. Normally people bounce off each other, hypnotically transferring emotions while talking. You appeared to have a firm centre of control. Out of curiosity, can you teach me to read character through the voice, is it part of the later lessons? Thanks for the accuracy of your assessment. Regards," John Rehburg, Australia.


              Discovering Your Purpose in Life

              A Specialized Process by Telephone or Skype:

This is a special process lasting aproximately one hour. It is an ingenious process through which you will readily see what you are all about.  I never had a dissatisfied customer in this process. Everyone who does it goes off walking on a cloud. It was created by my friend Jim Leonard, the discoverer of Vivation, a breathing process.  It consists of certain questions, in a particular format, for which you will provide answers. It is almost miraculous. You must be ready with pencil and paper to do a little writing. The cost of this consultation will come back to you an infinite number of times; for the secret of wealth is PURPOSE.

“Hi Gil: After recently completing a 'Purpose In Life Session' with you I thought you might be interested to know that I advertised myself as a LIFE COACH - with the intention of teaching what I have discovered during my life to those who want to learn. I met my first client on Monday and she has booked herself in for our first session on Friday! The first of many. Thank you for your help and support. Regards,” A. M., United Kingdom.

"Discovering my purpose in life through Magno's Purpose in Life Process has given me the freedom to wake up to a life of adventure, love and understanding. Now I am achieving what I want in my life at a faster pace." German Olano-Gomez, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Miami.

"Dear Gil: I realized that in many ways I have known what my purpose is for some time now. I very much appreciate your assisstance in helping me to concretize the explicit identification. I have a much clearer idea of how to proceed with implementing my purpose in a commercial/results oriented direction." J. B.

The fee for this Purpose in Life Consultation is 50.00. Click on the PayPal button to pay and e-mail HERE for scheduling. Mr. Magno will reply with available times: 

* * *  

How To Attract Your Love-Life-Partner

The hard copy of this book is now

out of print but a PDF electric book is available. 


A Do-it-Yourself Manual of Instruction. There must be a way for a person who hasn't yet reached success or fame, or who is average looking, to find his or her true Love-Mate. This do-it-yourself method is the answer. You perform, in sequence, 28 fun steps for the purpose of creating mental energy with which to attract your Love-Partner. It is available only as a PDF electric book now. Order yours today.  Only $12.00

"I purchased Gil's book in 1995 and proceeded to utilize his methods. Within 3 months of daily practice I met my future wife. Amazingly, she is exactly what I had wished for in a love-partner, both physically and more importantly, internally. We fell in love from the first moment and our relationship has grown deeper and stronger over the years. Rebecca has been a miracle of the greatest magnitude. She is so much closer to my ideal of a wife than any other woman I have ever encountered. That can't be explained simply as luck or chance. I only hope that I can give her as much joy and love as I have received from her. I will certainly try my whole life... I am deeply grateful to Gil Magno for offering this method to the public. Thank you with all my heart." Stephen Sussman, Galeta, CA

        PDF Copy = 12.00


Foreign Orders: No extra charge

       CD - A Tapestry of Love

"With these songs Gil takes us through an intimate, deeply personal landscape that leaves one with the haunting sense of a man who seeks nothing less than the whole truth." - Steven Giles - Designer/Creative Director - BASE - Miami Beach.

"A painting of lyrics made with colorful notes that evoked in me vibrant images of Old Europe." - Enrique Sierra - International artist and creator of the One Mile Long Heart - Miami Beach.

One voice, one guitar, one organ and a little rhythm. As you listen to these songs you will understand the LONGING that Gil speaks about in his writings and which he purposely created to subliminally evoke FEELING and MAGNETISM in your life and/or performances. The ROMANCE and PASSION in your life will multiply. And without PASSION there is no success in life. With the exception of 2 songs all others were written by Magno.  Buy CD


Developing Confidence and Personal Magnetism 

This 8 1/2 X 11 285 page book will take you on a personal voyage of progress and ownership of your life. It is the textbook for my Course #5 - Self Transformation through Personal Magnetism, Stage fright can now be overcome with these concepts and exercises. You will begin a new life through 49 Observances that introduce techniques that work almost immediately. For full information go to:  

The Transformation  

The Philosophy of Gil Magno

                 Now available on DVD

This is a collection of enlightening philosophical gems spoken on an interview and seminar excerpts. The traditional schools teach that to perform well you "gotta" DO something.  I teach that to succeed as a performer or in life you just "gotta" BE. That's all. A must for performers, teachers, actors, speakers and sales persons. There are no complicated issues for attaining success. Just honesty with self and reality.

"....I just finished watching your video, The Philosophy of Gil Magno. I loved it. I found it very, very beautiful and honest. My favorite part is when you compare humans with nature, in that nature continually creates and as humans immitate this creativity, magical things happen in terms of personal power...." Isabel Betancourt - Director of Learning Delights, South Florida.

13.00 shipping included 

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