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It's Ready!

The Path of Hidden Knowledge is Now Complete

Fifteen Years in Preparation

Yes, friends and students, it has taken me 15 years to write up and organize this complete Path of Transformation.  I feel it is the most evolved of all systems of personal enlightenment.  You transform while not compromising your reality and maintaining your self-love and respect.

12 Course/Volumes Containing the Big Secrets in Every Area of Life


 Start with the Introductory Volume, Transformation Unveiled, just below. I dedicated it to humanity so it is free to you.  Request it here: Gilmagno@bellsouth.net  and you'll receive it almost instantly.
In it you will read about everything having to do with the Path of Hidden Knowledge, why I created it, and the philosophy behind it.
 All Course-Volumes are between 150 and 420 pages; some are in E-Book format only; some are in Soft Cover and Hard Cover; scroll down to read about them. 
This book is the introduction to the whole Path. And it is FREE  to you for it was dedicated to humanity. 
The complete Path of Hidden Knowledge is made up of FOUR LEVELS.  Each Level constitutes a degree of advancement.  Students are issued a special CERTIFICATE at the end of the complete Course and some become Life-Coaches.  Each Level is made up of three   Course/Volumes.
Level 1- Feet Firmly  on the Ground                 
 Course/Volume 1- A Guide to Personal Transformation, Self-Love and Contentment by Gil Magno
We begin our Transformation with this Volume.  It was written with my intention of bringing about a first Traansformation in 180 days. My experience has shown that the more advanced studies in the Course take much longer to give results unless the student’s life goes through a complete review in order to eliminate the lies and traps which we all have inherited from living in a sick society.  I claim and then prove that all problems in life take place when one’s spirituality is a prisoner of all the lies running rampant in the world. These lies are an accumulation of trauma and lies of 3,000 years of biological evolution; the lies of tradition; conditioning; the lies of mama and papa passed on to us as a result of their fear of “what will others think;” but specially the lies of the authorities educated beyond their intelligence, who have filled our heads with the most abominable lies; and the lies we ourselves created in order to fit in a society of lies. You receice a free Skype class with this manual when ordered from this page.  This text cannot be studied on the computer screen like the others.  It must accompany you everywhere you go fpr 180 days.
Soft Cover=$28.75   448 Pages                  Hard Cover=$45.95
   Order here also: http://www.transformwithgilmagno.com     
Course/Volume 2 Foundations of Personal Magnetism by Gil Magno
It's ready! Ready for the public! Ready for those who suspect that there is more to life than just creeping tiredly, from day to day.  I've been studying these techniques for 50 years.  It is finally finished. There is a secret! Yes, most certainly! A secret that once grasped will bring you the happiness and power that you always dreamed of. This is a fact. This secret is in this course. The secret is deep and yet simple. I just began to understand it after almost 30 years of study and searching. Now you can comprehend it in just a few weeks. I feel it my duty to share it with you. The secret cannot be told by word of mouth. Wait! That's not quite right! It CAN be told by word of mouth but the following would probably be the result: 1.You wouldn't be able to grasp it. 2.You would get very angry. 3.You would laugh in mockery. 4.You might become fearful. 5.You wouldn't believe it.  This secret has to be attained step by step in the numbered Volumes of this Path. And, as you start seeing tangible results in your life, you will believe it more and more. And the more you believe it, the more you succeed! ***** 
Only Electric Copy=$3.75 
*   Course/Volume 3 - Developing Confidence and Personal Magnetism  by Gil Magno

It took me 12 years to write this book.  It is available in hard copy or electric edition.  I created this Course with the intention of transforming your whole life; from one of living as the effect of life, to one of being the complete cause of your life. Lack of confidence, problems with others, insecurity with the opposite sex, bad finances, lack of purpose in life, bad communication, common illnesses, and many other life-problems, unknowingly forced into your mind by a mixed up society, will be replaced with a confident approach to life, harmony with others, openness with the opposite sex, your personal purpose in life, magnetic communication and permanent daily health. I feel that I am well prepared to guide you in your transformation as I myself went through a personal transformation many years ago.  My case was quite heavy and I had no one to guide me.  With the exception of 4 telephone sessions, and 2 in person, with Nathaniel Branden PHD, which were greatly helpful, I did it on my own.  

                                            Soft Cover=$25.00  E-book=$3.75.  


Level 2 - Living with Others

Course/Volume 4 - How to Handle the Negative  Influence of Others by Webster Edgerly, Revised and Expanded by Gil Magno

Did you ever ask yourself the following questions?

1. Why can't I seem to achieve the succes that  authors of self improvement books say I can?  2. Why is it that unethical people seem to be better off in life than those who mean well and work hard?  3. I'm fairly attractive and a decent person, why can't I find true love?   4. In matters of health, there are so many theories and diets, what can I believe?  5. Is it possible that much of what we were taught from childhood was based on lies?  If you've ever asked these questions, you are ready for the information that follows, so please listen to what I'm saying below.  Electric Copies only: $3.75


Course-Volume 5-The Voice,Instrument of Calm by Webster Edgerly, Revised and Expanded by Gil Magno

The youthful, vibrant voice is cristalized thought. When it is impelled  with your full determinism and intention, miracles can take place. When the voice is calm, and placed high in the back of the throat it is called the subconscious voice and produces amazing results and often, in magnetic people, miraculous.   Electric Copy Only    $3,75


Course/Volume 6 - How to Find Your Purpose in Life

Only a few words here:  Discover your Purpose in Life; then align it with the Purpose of Life itself and you'll have everything you've ever wanted - yes, with no effort.                Only Electric Copy=$3.75 

The subjects you will be studying:  Life-energy, personal magnetism, self-empowerment, confidence, body language, health secrets, attracting people and things, attracting real love, telepathy, out-of-body experiences, contacting the astral world, how to contact the Universal Beingness, etc.  

Level 3 - Life in Every Face            Course/Volume 7-Restoring Youth

I don't want to sound pessimistic, because I'm not, but you and I know that it doesn't take too much intelligence to SEE that there is something very, very wrong in the world today. Confusion, unnecessary blood-shed, crime, greed, drugs, and nonsensical  education seem to be the worst offenders. And we have been conditioned to believe that we have to be victims of this stupidity.  We don't!  We can demolish all our belief in lies and traps.

The youthful, vibrant voice is cristalized thought.  When it is impelled  with your full determinism and intention, miracles can take place. When the voice is calm, and placed high in the back of the throat it is called the subconscious voice and produces amazing results and often, in magnetic people, miraculous.   Electric Copy Only=$3.75   


Dear Gil: I'm 57 and others have been telling me they have the "secret." I have read ??????  and there were all kinds of testimonials to its effectiveness.  Although the book changed my thinking in many ways, my income or success with the opposite sex has not improved. I've attended the ????? seminar, and the ??????? seminar with similar results - a philosophical change but no money or romance results. Can you understand why I'm skeptical? What is it that you've got that is significantly different than the others?  Your concern is appreciated and I await your reply.  DW.

Hi DW: I got  quite  a few replies  saying  the same things  you  said.  Here’s the answer to your following question, “What is it that you've got that is significantly different than the others?” Answer:  1. I love what I do, and am in tune with life's purpose. (This is taught in the Course). 2. Then I give it to others.  3. They give me money for it. 4.  I hardly ever think of wealth; but I consider myself wealthy.  Think only of what you love to do and discontinue thinking about all the little tricks that exist to make you money.  5. Women admire men who are not followers; don't follow others, seminars, or scholars, (including me).  Most of these exist to get your money, not to give you something.  You can't change in a weekend despite what these intensive seminars say.  6. The study of the Path of Hidden Knowledge uses time-honored principles that work on any planet, if you take the time to study, practice, and use them.  This is the easy "secret."  I hope this helps 


        Course-Volume 8 - Life           Electricity                           

The end product of transformation through the Path of Hidden Knowledge, is an independent, poised, calm, and powerful individual, who can instantly win the confidence of others, and who can, with practice, become very successful in the game of life without resorting to the usual "games" that most people play.  These rediscovered secrets and laws of life have been organized into a practical system of Home Study by yourself, through Skype, or in persons,  with numbered Volumes called, THE PATH OF HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE 
Electric Copies Only=$3.75
What are present day giant-students saying?
"Within the short three weeks I had, I have felt significant changes within myself. Each session was both intense and uplifting. I have surprised myself and am amazed at the subtle changes that have occurred within me since beginning Gil’s course. I feel more balanced and in tune with myself, and as a result, feel a sense of empowerment like never before.  My voice has become deeper, more resonant, and my self-expression has improved. I have gained a more keen understanding of myself, others and human nature. I am learning more and more to be myself minus the lies and pretense which has programmed society. My love for life and myself has expanded and I have attained a clearer sense of purpose.  One of the most important things I have learnt from the course is to think for myself and be self-reliant. Above all, I know now the importance of having a firm grasp of who you are, being that person in reality, and from that standpoint, direct your life the way you want, free from the countless influences and conditioning from society, the media, parents, and the “authorities.”  J. A.,  Australia

Level 4-Ultimate Personal Freedom
Course/Volume 9 - Beginning Mastery
The textbook for this Course is my book, The Secret... no, no, no... this is not the famous, The Secret,  mine was written in 1999, and it contains 561 powerful observations of life through the eyes and mind of a progressive contemporary philosopher and vocal coach.  If you are in love with the status quo, the material in this book might make you uncomfortable.  It might even overwhelm you.  But if you feel there is something wrong somewhere but can't put your finger on it; that you must compromise your feelings; that you have to accept the bad with the good; that you must live by moral codes made by others, then you must make friends with this book.  Once you read it, a big bang of euphoria will take place inside you after you understand and digest it.   Soft Cover=$15.00   Electric Copy=$3.75
Course/Volumes 10, 11, 12
Advanced Mastery-Life's Secrets-Path of Hidden Knowledge
Volume 11-Living Life-Secrets  Soft Cover=$16.00
Volume 12- The Path, Create Your Own New World  E-book=$3.75
      What will you get out of the Path of Hidden Knowledge Courses?

Besides the general benefits already mentioned, you will be investigatingevery known and unknown human power and ability.  If this Course doesn't turn you into a powerhouse, nothing will!  But here are some specific goals that most  Magnetists strive for: 

1. Self-power and contentment.  2. A life-purpose.  3. Perfect Health; as much as is possible.  4. Financial self-sufficiency.  5. One hundred TRUE  friends.  6. Harmony with and attraction of the opposite sex.  7. Owning your own home.  8. Having the correct life-mate.  9. Help others achieve the above.

Order all Volumes here:  All Electric Copies are $3.75 All Soft Covers are as priced above.  Between 150 & 448 pages!  Specify the name of the Volume you want; however, all volumes should be studied in sequence; you should not order a new volume without having studied the ones before it.
Click the Paypal button below. (Button being revised)
Important Exception:  Volume 1 is a 448 page book; it is unique in that it includes the first class in person on Skype at no charge. This alone has started many people on the road to personal freedom. 
How will you know when you are attaining mastery?
When you begin to notice the following attainments: 

1.     Deep respect and confidence from others.
Financial independence.
Love and sex easily attracted.
Mastery over all affairs of life and every department of existence.

5.  The BIG SECRET has begun to reveal itself.
6.     The New Civilization constructed by and for yourself.


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