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New World Update #4 – The Mission Continues

Dear Magnetists, Students and Friends:


This is the Updates Page.  In it you will be able to read all that is going on in The Path of Hidden Knowledge, along with many tips for mastering your everyday life.  Due to these tips I suggest you save these numbered tips in a special folder.

I am happy to announce that student membership in The Path of Hidden Knowledge has now increased and we have only begun the new format of 12 Courses distributed through Four Levels of Personal Attainment.  Those who are under my personal training, through Skype, are experiencing transformation much more rapidly. 

Messages of happy progress in life continue coming in, and this is very encouraging to me as I continue to pour hours and hours into writing, editing and researching this work.

 Level #2 - Living with Others, and all Advanced Levels, are no longer as private as they were, due to the publication of my new 448 page book, A Guide to Personal Transformation, Self Love and Contentment, which is now the official Volume 1 of the whole Path and makes everything much more clear. Click here:


However, anyone wanting to study these Advanced Levels only, will be asked to start from the beginning – Volume 1 - no matter how much tuition they are willing to pay for the study. This is because personal advancement of this nature has to progress very, very, ……trust me……. very methodically. 

The reason for this strictness is that the Advanced Levels deal in subjects of personal power that could be easily misunderstood by those with a weak inclination for responsibility, required in self-empowerment work. Power minus the equivalent responsibility and ethics, could get one and others in trouble.

You might like to know that out of all inquirers only less than a third sign up.  And out of that third, only another third continue to the end of the Level.

Those who drop out either don't have the time to practice becoming successes in life, or are looking for instant and effortless magic techniques - like those that charge from $500 to a $1,000 or more for a weekend seminar that propels them full of enthusiasm for a week, and next weekend they're back where they were before.

I encourage you to continue studying this unique Path - no matter what - for, those who know me, and/or have read my autobiography, are familiar with my victory over my extremely difficult life using the very principles that you are now studying or will study,

I'm always here, happy to help you with any difficulties you might have and to answer any questions concerning them.

Call me on Skype or phone any time.  My Skype name is live.gilmagno_1 or gil.magno2



Gil Magno BA MM DD
Transformation Life-Coach
Vocal Trainer/Author
Coconut Grove, FL



The Vital Course 1
Guide to Personal Transformation,
Self-Love and Contentment 
This is a rewrite of the original Course 1.  I wrote this 448 page book recently, in 3 months, writing 8 hours per day, after I discovered why students were moving so slowly. You will be made squeeky clean after this one.  You will then be able to handle the very powerful magnetic principles in Courses 2 and 3.  We use EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Sentence Completion, Regression, and Intelligent and open two way communication. (We don't use hypnotim, ever). 
The Gossip: “Gil Magno has changed my life!  In just five months I have acquired more confidence  than  I  ever  thought  possible.  Each class took me on an emotional journey that left me stronger and more powerful than ever.  I now have taken full control of my life, I have gotten more work, more money and more love than ever!  I am eternally grateful and I urge you to take Gil's course; you will benefit from it greatly!” Natacha Wenger - Model, Actress, Singer, Producer, Presenter – New York 
  “The most important thing I have learned from Gil and the Personal Magnetism Course is to think for myself and let go of others’ thoughts and opinions of me.  I have learned to reconnect with myself.  I feel empowered and a sense of peace like never before.  I feel comfortable and with feeling in expressing my emotion.  I feel free and liberated from my past.  I have learned so much from Gil; he has so much to give.  This course has been more than I could have ever asked for.  It is incredible the transformation that has taken place in me in just 2 +1/2 months. Thanks Gil.   Maria Sanchez,   Seminar  Leader/Entrepreneur - Miami 
This book is one of the textbooks in the 12 Courses hat make up the Path and the pith of the philosophy that his students use to become excellent singers and successful individuals. This book is one of a kind. It doesn't tell you to smile and shake hands with enthusiasm. It teaches you how to attain genuine Confidence; forever!
Hard Copy = 27.00 

                                             Electric Copy = $3.75 

    Foreign Countries: Hard Copy  = $35.00 

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