3-Transform with the Square Deal

Prescription for Beginning Your Transformation
With the Square Deal!
The Prescription for quick improvement:  To achieve total transformation as quickly as possible and to change the world, especially the USA, which may not last longer than the next two generations, is as follows:
1. Being a loser in life is being the Effect of Life. So one begins by applying: 2. The Square Deal (below), a few minutes daily. 3. One pays special attention to finding his Purpose in Life. 4. Then s/he discovers what the purpose of Life Itself is.  5. Then s/he aligns his Personal Purpose with the Purpose of Life itself.  6. Just this alone will take him to Mastery of Life in general. 7. If he has difficulties finding and uniting his Purpose in Life with the Purpose of Life Itself, then s/he has to walk the longer but exact Path below.  This leads to: 8. The New World. 9. From here on there are no more lies in his Being, thus: 10. He engages in the 3 P's; Peace/Production/Progress: 11. This leads to Mastery of the Physical Universe/Matter.  12. (New Cycle)  S/he joins the Hierarchy of the Universe with or Without a Body.



This is like saying, "From the dregs of existence to total physical and spiritual Freedom.” I will explain below.  Simply teaching this prescription beginning in kindergarden through the third grade will turn the US, or any country,  into a paradise on earth in less than 12 years.  But it must not be taught the way everything else is taught in the schools of the world.  My job through The Path of Hidden Knowledge is to train special teachers to do this job.



1. At Effect of Life: This means that one is the effect of; not the cause of his life.  S/he is the normal.”  Things just "happen," and s/he goes along with them.  He is at the effect of the lies running rampant in the world; the lies of religion, parents, teachers, lovers, husbands, wives, government, medicine, and even science.
2. The Square Deal: One begins by deciding to live the four actions of The Square Deal, presented below, daily in every moment of now -- the Present.  Five  minutes of meditation on this, daily, followed by action, will begin the process, which will keep growing for the rest of your life.
The Square Deal
 The Four Actions of the Square Deal:
A. Implementation of honesty with self and reality.
B. Answering these 6 questions to oneself, daily. Write the answers, as they improve,  in your Personal Transformation Notebook:
1) What is the purpose of life?
2) Who am I? 
    3) Where did I come from?
    4) What am I doing on this planet?
    5) Where am I going?
    6) What is my personal purpose in Life. 
C. Unburdening oneself of tradition, conditioning, trauma, the lies of the "authorities" and the lies you yourself created in order to fit in a world of lies. (You will learn how to do this a little later).  But for now you can make use of EFT, (Callahan Technique), Intelligent Two Way Communication, Sentence Completion  created by Dr. Nathaniel Branden and Regression - without hypnosis.
D-Engaging your Purpose in Life and aligning your personal purpose with the purpose of life itself. (More on this a little later).
The Square Deal is explained further in my book, The Path of Hidden Knowledge -- Create Your Own New World.  You will be befriending your Inner Self. This Inner Self is a distinct and individual Expression of an Universal Subconsciousness, which Carl Jung called the Collective Unconscious and humanity, in general, calls the Mind of God and I call it, Universal Beingness.  This Univerwsal Beingness, once in a great, great while,  can be seen while in a special state of mind, as an ecstatic White Light which, once experienced, can never be forgotten.  Its three great powers are, Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence.
Magnetic Studies: These are the writings I've been engaged in for many years. They are my philosophy and modus operandi in dealing with Physical life in a victorious way. This includes my original books and the expansion/revision of Webster Edgerly's teachings on Personal Magnetism.
  You will acquire it as a result of the study you engaged in, in the Magnetism studies, plus the effects of your applying your personal purpose with enthusiasm.
Transformation: Is the result of the studies above plus my "Path of Hidden Knowledge."  This Path is made up of 12 Courses in Four Levels of Attainment.  They follow a logical and didactic order.  Course 1 is, A Guide to Personal Transfomaion, Self Love and Contentment; Course 2 is, Foundations of Personal Magnetism, and Course 3 is, Developing Confidence and Personal Magnetism.  The other Courses follow in order culminating with the 12th incredibly enlightening Course, Ultimate Personal Freedom.
Mastery of Life: You acquire it as you engage in your personal purpose along with the laws of magnetism, on the Physical, Advanced, Universal and Spiritual Levels.
Goal: As a result of all the above you begin to glean the idea that we are here on earth to find out who we are and to learn to help each other evolve; to enable ourselves to create a New World of bliss, enthusiasm, and wisdom:
The New World: This is the ideal world created by yourself inside yourself. The more people that do it, the more the outer world will be so. More on this later; it borders on the transcendant.
No More Lies: This means living in honesty without the proverbial lies used in education, religion, politics, medicine, etc. Life today is falling apart because of lies. Practically everything, from kindergarten to the White House, to the halls of science, are lies in various degrees.
The 3 P's: Without the lies we will have the 3 P's, Peace, Production and Progress which are needed to learn to dominate the physical universe; which is:
Mastery of the Physical Universe/Matter: And with the mastery of matter one is now well trained to join the:
(New Cycle) Hierarchy of the Universe: Or its government, with or without a body.
* * *  
The Path of Hidden Knowledge
We call this complete system, The Path of Hidden Knowledge. Anyone who wishes to grow to total freedom as a being, can begin wherever one is in life, even if in the dregs of existence, and on to a totally free life of peace, joy and success. I say this in total confidence, for, having experienced almost all systems of self--empowerment, and seeing miracles in the lives of my graduate students, I assert the uniqueness of my magnetism system.
The Best Way to Engage the Path: The best way to walk this Path is to study and LIVE these Steps in perfect order beginning with Step 1 below. The Steps are written in red to make it easier for you to find them. But even if you mix them all up you will still get the transformation we seek. What you should NOT do is mix this system with other systems. It’s ok to investigate and/or study other systems, but not while studying the present one. One of the reasons for this is that 98% of the systems I investigated – though some were good – base their teachings totally on pragmatic principles, which of necessity have to include the lies; while my principles are based on unseen quarks – Essence of Being. They are an "a priori," study that comes before everything.  You cannot get to 4 without going through 1, 2 and 3. More on this later.
There are two types of students who study and live this Path:
Type 1 Student: The first type is those students who are struggling with emotional problems, irrational fears, phobias, and all kinds of this nature of goodies. These problems represent the result of years and years of lies that are everywhere; specially the ones from the “authorities” in every field of life whom they consulted. They are not illnesses.  The mind doesn't "catch cold." The mind is not a thing.  We handle these discomforts with Course 1 - Complete Life Review.  Once the student is squeeky clean we then proceed to the other Courses.
Type 2 Student: The second type is those students who don’t have Type 1 problems. Both types of students begin on the same Path, except that Type 1 will linger a little longer on eliminating emotional bric-a-brac.
An Extremely Important Help: All students who have accepted me as their coach, and whom I’ve accepted as students, have the privilege of e-mailing me with questions at no charge. Best results can be gotten with one single question at a time. Very complex and intricate subjects will be answered in allegorical form to enable the student to focus his mind on it, since to answer some questions outright would go against the student’s well-being and self-created progress.
Here is the Path from the Beginning, Step by Step:
It can be studied solo through the books only, and/or by private class on Skype for a progress of 150%.  I prefer the latter.
 Level #1 - Feet Firmly on the Ground
Introductory Step #1 on The Path of Hidden Knowledge:  Free book, Transformation Unveiled. I dedicated this book to humanity; so it's free to you.  Simply e-mail me and ask for it:  Gilmagno@bellsouth.net  This book is an introduction to the Path.  It will get you familiar with my philosophical trend; and will give you quite an introduction to the whole thing. 
Introductory Step #2 on The Path of Hidden Knowledge: Watch the Preparations in Classes 1, 2 and 3 below. Watch them more than once: 
Class 1 Preparation A  

Introductory Step #6 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge:  Autobiography: Once you are more or less free from emotional upheavals, or you are a Type 2 student, your next step is to study my autobiography, Transcending Their Lies - An Artist's Struggle to Free Himself from the Lies of Civilization, so you can see what I went through; I had a very nasty phobia for half of my life. This book will encourage you very much. You will not feel alone. I also lost my budding career as a concert guitarist due to an injury to my right hand.  This was very difficult to accept.  Go to, http://www.GMagno.com/photoalbum.html      to order the Autobiography. You should be able to read it in one week; a little at a time.

Introductory Step #7 on The Path of Hidden Knowledge: The Story of My Transformation and How You Too Can Transform, on 2 CDs: You will gain much from this, for it is loaded with information on a true transformation: MY OWN! It will make clear to you that no matter what, you can win – permanently. Go to: www.GMagno.com/catalog.html  and order there. Time spent at one sitting, almost three hours.

The Course's Official Steps


Official Step #1 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: This is the official beginning of the Path - Course I - A Guide to Personal Transformation, Self-Love and Contnetment.  It contains a Complete Life Review: In this course I use three techniques  to liberate a student from all the aberrations, conditioning and trauma of his life.  I use EFT (or the Callahan Technique by Dr. Roger Callahan), Sentence Completion by Dr. Nathaniel Branden, and Traditional Regression.  I do not use hypnotism in Regression.  The student is completely awake.  If I ask you to close your eyes and go to this morning when you were having breakfast, and then ask you to tell me what you see; that is not hypnotism.  It is in fact guided  attention.  Some people presently call that hypnotism.  It isn't. It's a misnomer.  I noticed early in the application of the more advanced Courses, that some students were not getting what they were supposed to get from the drills.  I then discovered that the few liberation techniques I had given them in the past were not enough.  Now, Complete Life Review means exactly that;   you will end up squeeky clean. With this under your belt you are now ready for the transcending Course 2, Foundations of Personal Magnetism.

Official Step #2 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: Course 2 - Foundations of Personal Magnetism:  This Course-Volume is your first introduction to Personal Magnetism.  It is a manifesto of great value that is the first link in a chain of special knowledge recently rediscovered.  It will become to you a guiding light in a maze of darkness.  A light that will give you a personal power that “modern” man didn’t know existed.  If you diligently study this Course 2, as well as those that follow on the Path, and apply what you learn consistently, your personal freedom, your magnetism, your success, your health, energy, creativity and appreciation of the beautiful will improve to a great degree.  You will be developing an unshaken confidence and the ability to express yourself that will put you in charge of your life and will take you to the bull's eye of your dreams.  Your life will delight in a great change, step by step, for the glory of yourself.  What’s more, you will create a New World for yourself.  One that will neutralize all the strife, crime and stupidities in the present civilization.
Official Step #3 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: Course 3- Developing Confidence and Personal Magnetism:  This Self-Transformation Course is exactly that.  I created it with the intention of transforming your whole life; from one of living as the effect of life, to one of being the complete cause of your life. Lack of confidence, problems with others, insecurity with the opposite sex, bad finances, lack of purpose in life, bad communication, common illnesses, and many other life-problems, will be replaced with a confident approach to life, harmony with others, openness with the opposite sex, your personal purpose in life, magnetic communication and permanent daily health.

Level #2 - Living With Others

Official Step #4 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: Course 4 - How to Handle the Negative Influence of OthersWe begin this Course-Volume 4 with the solution to a great problem. This great problem is the fact that negative people exist who spoil one’s life through hypnotic lies and general negativity.  Nowadays, practically everywhere you go, you have to deal with these people.  Living life requires that you communicate with them, be it in business, social life, education, in matters of love and sex, etc. Now, you want to communicate with them in such a way that you are totally in control and don’t fall for their deceptions.  This Course 4 deals in a very authentic manner with this problem.  And since one cannot have a great success in life unless he communicates with lots of people, I thought it appropriate that we handle this immediately in the Course so as to allow you to make progress in your general life, projects, and/or business.


 Class 2 Preparation B
Class 3 Pr ep aration C
* * *
Introductory Step #3 on The Path of Hidden Knowledge: Phone or call me on Skype: Update = I am now giving classes and consultations through the medium of the Skype program on the Internet.   So, give me a ring at 305-447-8660, or call me on Skype so we can get acquainted. My Skype name is gil.magno2.  If I’m going to be your coach in this transformation adventure, I’m sure you want to know what kind of person I am. It isn’t absolutely necessary to do this, but it sure is a better way to begin; because I will give you a free consultation and evaluation as to how to begin.
Introductory Step #4 on The Path of Hidden Knowledge:  EFT Sessio(s): 
If you are a Type 1 student we will handle it in Coure, Complete Life Review.  Sometimes a regression is necessary.  I have developed a technique that uses EFT and regression at the same session. Though sessions in person are best, normal sessions on Skype are quite good.  If you have a problem that needs to be handled quickly, simply go  to my web site, www.GMagno.com/catalog.html and sign up for an EFT session by telephone or Skype.  EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques; it is a simplified version by Gary Craig of the Callahan Technique discovered by Dr. Roger Callahan and its results are miraculous; in one hour session much can be accomplished. Just two weeks ago I had a new student who had three phobias; Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia, and a Driving Car Phobia, (if you have a name for it let me know). All three were erased in 55 minutes; in person. This student works in a restaurant that I visit daily. I have observed her and talked to her. She hasn’t once felt panicky. Before the session, getting panicky was a daily routine. Now she is continuing with the Path. Time spent in one session 60 minutes; double this for two sessions.

Whereas, in the past, students from abroad had to come to Miami to study the Path, in person, now it can be done to completion through Skype.  Please see below, at the end of the steps,  the rules for working the sessions and classes on Skype.

Introductory Step #5 on The Path of Hidden Knowledge: Purpose in Life Process:  The quickest way to empower yourself is to discover your Purpose in Life.  This can be done easily with another phone or Skype session called, Purpose in Life Process.  It is an amazing technique; and I never had a dissatisfied client.  When you discover your Purpose in Life amazing things happen.  Most students walk out of my studio laughing and with energy.  I simply ask a few questions; you answer them; and bingo, you learn a great deal about yourself and what you are all about.  This process was discovered by my friend Jim Leonard, the discoverer of a breathing process called, Vivation.  Go to www.GMagno.com/catalog.html and order a session.  Time used: One hour, (maybe two)                              

Official Step #5 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: Restoring Youth:  All kinds of very litle known techniques are used to restore your vitality of youth.  A younger appearance along with authentic energy will be the result.  The Magnetic Walk alone will cut your helth problems down to almost zero.  Delightful Experiences.

Official Step #6 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: How to Find Your Purpose in Life: Purpose is everything.  If you have a Purpose in Life you will have everything you desire.  Money, Helath and Love will be yours without effort.  Often it is the purpose which finds the individual.  Open yourself to it.  Allow it to discover you and you'll never regret it.
 Level #3 - Life in Every Facet
Official Step #7 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge:The Voice, Instrument of Calm : Go to www.GMagno.com/contact.html for all the Magnetism Volumes.
Official Step #8 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: Beginning Self Mastery:  Go to:    www.GMagno.com/ for all the Magnetism Volumes. 
Official Step #9 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: Living Life's Secrets:  This course is based on my book, The Secret... no. no. not that one; mine was written in 1999. It contains 561 concepts that will blow your mind for good.  If you're in a hurry to experience a quick transformation and build an incredible Will Power, Intention and Magnetism, study this course. Along with the mental and intellectual meditation, you will be delighted to learn many secret experiments that will prove to you the power you have; and drills  that will turn you into a Power House. That's a promise. It's a collection of 561 concepts calculated to blow  most lies  from your mind  Go to: www.GMagno.com/catalog.html  The discussions in this Course are the most advanced you ever had.
Level #4 - Ultimate Personal Freedom
Official Step #10 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: Advanced Self Mastery:  Go to www.GMagno.com/contact.html  for all the Magnetism Volumes. 
Official Step #11 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: Life Electricity:  Go to www.GMagno.com/contact.html  for all the Magnetism Volumes.
Official Step #12 on the Path of Hidden Knowledge: In Tune with Self through Spiritual Science: Go to www.GMagno.com/catalog.html  for all the Magnetism Volumes.
I can give you a glimpse of some of these advanced Coure-Volumes. They engage you in a study of man's mind in relationship to Universal Beingness.  This study is a secret of such magnitude that I find it hard to believe that since it was published in 1923, as the original author's last work, apparently no one saw the magnitude of this discovery.  I studied it 30 years ago in Los Angeles and could only accept 80% of it; so the picture wasn't complete.  On January, 2010. as I was preparing it for possible inssertion in my Course 12-In Tune With Self through Spiritual Science, the greatest secret in existence was revealed to me through consistent study of it, reasoning and thinking, thinking, thinking; and since then I've had daily breakthroughs and intuitive flashes that have made my life even better than before.  I call this event my second transformation.  The original author says, "It is a system of personal training exceeding in importance the most valuable courses now in existence, based on the newest acquisition to human knowledge, the discovery of the roots of mind.  This work introduces so much new material for study that its newness may at first disconcert the student.  But if the final Key which occurs at the end of Volume 12 can be mastered, all else will be easily and readily assimilated.  But the final Key will have no real meaning until the whole book has been carefully considered."  This Volume 12 cannot be purchased nor studied without preparing oneself for it by studying all the gradiently numbered Course-Volumes of the complete teachings.
* * *
Please keep in touch with me as you begin on any of this, and become devoted to it. I have my ways of knowing what kind of student you are. When you accept my teachings you will be issued a Magnetist number for the function of correspondence. I will do the best I can to help you lead a Fun, Free, Flowing and Feeling life. (the four F’s, LOL, if you know what I mean…) The rest is up to you. You can live the rest of your life with the lies that are overtaking the world, or you can engage in this sublime study, and personal courses, and live the exact life you create for yourself and yours. Please feel free to write me with questions at the addresses below: 305-447-8660, Gilmagno@bellsouth.net  http://www.GMagno.com/
 Now go to Page 2.  You will find there more information on this Glorious Path
 * * *  
Rules for Skype Sessions
List for all the Courses that can now be taken on Skype:
Course I - Complete Life Review.
Course 2 - Foundations of Personal Magnetism
Course 3 - Developing Confidence and Personal Magnetism
Course 4 - How to Handle the Negative Influence of Others
Course 5 - Restoring Youth
Course 6 - How to Find Your Purpose in Life
Course 7 - The Voice, Instrument of Calm 
Course 8 - Beginning Self Mastery
Course 9 - Living Life's Secrets 
Course 10 - Advanced Self Mastery 
Course 11 - Life Electricity 
Course 12 - Ultimate Spiritual Freedom 
Plus all specialized sessions in EFT.
Discovering Your Purpose in Life Process - One single 1 hour session.
Then follow the steps on this page, in order.  Once you have decided on the Step to take, establish communication with me and tell me of your intention.
Preparation for Skype Classes:
1.  If you don't yet have Skype just Google it and download it for free.
2.  Get familiar with its operation; it's extremely simple.  You'll need
     a camera to place on your monitor.  Mine was only $55.00.
3.  The area in which your computer is, must be free of disturbances.
4.  No people walking around behind you.
5.  No cell phones or other phones ringing.
6.  You must be seated squarely in front of me where I can see your
     face clearly;  you must be looking at my eyes.
7.  Have a tall mirror on the wall in the area.
8.  Once in a while I will ask you to stand; so the camera should catch
     your head down to your stomach, at least.
9,  You should have a small table to the side of you, on which you will
     do as directed, once in a while.  When asked, the camera should be
     turned to the table so I can see what you have done on it.
10.  You must have the following at every session:
            a) A dictionary.
            b) Pen and pencil.
            c) The class manual for the Course you're on. 
            d) The text books or Courses for all the courses.
            e) A Personal Agenda Ledger (PAL).
1. All classes are private and of one hour and a half duration, and the tuition is $50.00 per  class.
2. Goto:www.GMagno.com/catalog.html scroll down toTelephoneConsulting  and  look in  that  area for  the links to set up a  Skype class.   PayPal is a great way to make payments.  They are trustworthy and I never had any problem with them. 
3. The best way is to have the same time for class each week.
4. I will be available for classes on Monday evening, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
from 3 PM to 8 PM, Eastern Standard Time.
5. Questions and answers  by e-mail are available free of charge to students.  Questions should be short and succinct for better answers. 
* * *
Encouraging Words:  

Some there are who never complete anything. They do a little here, a little there, and move on to something else. This is not a good way to benefit from any study. It's fine to try many different things but not all at the same time.  One should stick to something until some benefit has been gotten from it, even if one loses interest in further study. The better method is to complete everything you start.

If you have reached Course #4 on the Path above, you should be experiencing a feeling of triumph and pride. Not only for the benefit you have gained so far, but for your earnestness in continuing with what you started.  Probably one in a hundred will have the necessary persistence to complete those programs on his own initiative. If you are this one per cent, you have gained my admiration and respect, and I would like to hear from you. You are one of those few whose name will be inscribed on the Honor Roll of Life, whether you achieve great or small things.

Now, I urge you to continue your development and never stop for one moment, so as to have the 6 basic dynamics of life:  HEALTH, PURPOSE, PERSONAL POWER, WEALTH, LOVE, SEX, and thus, INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, as much as is possible.  

I dare say that with the steps above well studied and the continuance of your self-improvement on The Path of Hidden Knowledge, you will move from the dregs of existence to the most sublime realms of Personal Freedom on the physical and spiritual planes.
So there you are. If you never studied anything else in your life but the books and courses above, you'd be SAFELY on your way to freedom. I say safely, because it has been my experience that 98% of all books only send you "barking up the wrong tree." Thousands of books are published every year but out of them only less than half dozen have anything REAL to say.
There are a few books by other authors that I consider safe to read.  They are:  How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, by Harry Browne; The 114 Neo-Tech Concepts, by Dr. Frank R. Wallace; all the books by Dr. Nathaniel Branden; the true novels of Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa; the novels of Ayn Rand; the writings of Rudolph Steiner; The EFT Manual, by Gary Craig; and, Vivation - The Science of Enjoying All of Your Life by my friend Jim Leonard and Phil Laut.
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