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 The Path of Hidden Knowledge
Begin Your Transformation Here
and Create The New World


"Welcome to my World:

   On these Pages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5,

   I speak to you as me." 


I have created The New World for myself; and I like it!
I now can see some things I didn't see before;
and I can show you how to do the same! 
It is a world
of honesty with self and reality!
It is a world that uses
the essence of Self as a spiritual base on which
personal freedom is built!
It is a world in which lies do not exist;
unless one is playing a self-determined game that doesn't hurt anyone.


In this site we begin learning how to go about developing the techniques of success in life. But that's only 50% of the attainment of contentment and personal freedom.  In the pages that follow we learn to transform that persona clouding the true Inner Self. And it is only this combination that brings success on the stage of creativity and the stage of life. 



 Free-> New Book, Transformation Unveiled. I dedicated it to humanity so feel free to ask for a free copy. You're welcome also to request my free Educational Newsletter-The New World below: 

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 Beginning with this page we will initiate a personal transformation process step by step.  This transformation is geared at empowering you to be the cause of your life instead of the effect of it.  The training is in a gradient order that gives results.  Begin by requesting the free Educational Newletter above, and the FREE book, Transformation Unveiled.  Request them then observe the following numbered steps in order,
beginning with the following video, so you'll know who I am.
Who is Gil Magno? 
It brought happy tears to my eyes. Here's my translation from the Spanish: "Everything I am, and in the person I have become in this last phase of my life… is thanks to you… thanks for teaching me that there is a different world, far away from the domesticity that humans follow like sheep… thanks for showing me that a new world exists, full of happiness, that only exists inside of ourselves… I admire you… respect you… and you will always be in my heart as the most incredible person I have known… in all my life. 
Vicky Almeida, Miami, FL


Thank You So Much Gil!  Your stuff is amazing.~ It's as if I feel understood and overwhelmed with the feelings of finally getting the nourishment my soul or mind has needed~! ..…  You’re just an amazing teacher Gil! I'll meet you face to face to study and learn with you soon. Leviticus Crawford.                    



 "I loved your audio program. I listened to it going to and from my office every day. Your material gave me the opportunity of getting to know you better and giving me an interesting prospective of philosophy and psychology. I highly recommend your tapes to anyone interested in self-improvement. Melvin Powers - Publisher - Wilshire Book Co., N. Hollywood, CA.

1.  Study what follows, not in an effort to read as many words as possible, but slowly, with Understanding and Comprehension.  If you're going to be a master of life you've got to give up the modern addiction to RUSHING.
2.  Come back to this Page at least once each month.  I'm always adding new material according with my intuitions and revelations from within.  Each time you come back to this Page you will find changes that will help you solve daily problems in your life.   
3.  "Many of my vocal students, especially those into self-improvement, make use of the many philosophical principles, throughout this site to become successful as singers and in life. All the material herein stated was experienced by myself in the process of living. It wasn't a matter of simply repeating what someone else said without personal experience. My writings are a labor of love based, as much as possible, on honesty with self and reality -- not on how many copies will sell. I hope you enjoy this material as much as I've enjoyed writing it."
4.  "I noticed early in my career that 85% of all success as a coach, performer, or as a successful producer of values in life, lies in the spiritual make-up of the individual. Is s/he real or unreal?  Is s/he striving to obliterate the lies inculcated in him from childhood, schools and an upside down civilization?"
5. "So, within this career as music teacher, I began another that is even more satisfying; that of Personal Life-Coach, leading people into a personal New World devoid of lies, while dropping the negative elements of our present civilization. In this personal world Self-Love is experienced. And this is the object of my writings and the purpose of my life!"


The name of my way of instruction is:

The Path of Hidden Knowledge

The name of the philosophy is:

Aggressive Non-Resistance  

Sonnet Dedicated to The Path
(This sonnet was placed at the end of my new Epic Poem, The Path - 16 pages - which is in my latest book, A Guide to Personal Trnsformation,
Self Love and Contentment.
  You may see this book at,
Walk the path of glorious Hidden Knowledge
just ahead of you is the shining sun
walk on steadily my brother of this age
the illumination and you are one.
Then open wide that invisible gate
with open arms walk to that great white light
as if to fondly embrace your love-mate
whose loving, cool rays of clear silvery white
illuminate your body-essence-dew
and renders illuminated your mind.
With open vowels A E I O U
raise your arms and chant lovingly in kind
and thus receive the Cosmic Consciousness
of Heavenly spheres - Omniscience.




Transformation Unveiled


How it All Started

At 6 years of age, on the island of Madeira, my father initiated me on a Path of living life which I now call, The Path of Hidden Knowledge.  I would watch him doing yoga and breathing exercises often in the yard.  One day he taught me something similar to meditation and I would disappear often into the banana garden, put my head on my hands against a banana tree and engage in this practice. This was the beginning of my creativity and my walking the spiritual Path..

My father told me that if I wanted something bad enough all I had to do was close my eyes, say a little prayer, and proceed to visualize the thing wanted. This I did, I don’t know how many times, by going into a banana  patch and visualizing a small car in which I sat and peddled and steered.  Wonder of wonders, a short time later a certain family gave my grandmother a car exactly like the one I visualized. This was my first creation.  I had been initiated! 

I felt very powerful after this.  I continued using this technique for a great part of my life with great results.  So the techniques of attraction taught in the famous book, The Secret, I began using at 6 years of age.

However, for the first half of my life I could not understand why practically everyone I met felt so miserable, was unfriendly, and was always making a big fuss about nothing.  Many years later, after much pain, I discovered why this was/is so.  I will try to explain this as best I can, for it is, I feel, a great key in liberating oneself and mastering life, as much as is humanly possible.

We are all born as spiritual beings on the inside.  A little body comes out of the mother's body. And that's what it is - a body.  Then it takes its first breath and becomes a living Being with a living body.  So, apparently something comes in with the breath that animates that body and deposits a Beingness with a great potential in it.  Yes, I know, you say oxygen.  But along with that oxygen comes the Life-Force together with the Spiritual Essence of Beingness.  But  soon after we come to life on the inside and outside, we come in contact with the world of matter, time and space.  Every perception, such as touch, taste, hearing, etc., becomes an experience recorded in the brain as a scratch; much as sound or sight becomes recorded on a CD or DVD.  These scratches become the Mind.  Soon our perceptions bring us in touch with the lies existing in the world, and we begin to believe that in order to live properly we must engage in these lies.  We begin to "know" that we must live like everyone else.  If we don't, we will not be accepted in society; and loneliness is probably the worst emotion on earth.  So, not only do we join all the lies in order to be part of the whole, but we inflate our egos in order to fit in the world of lies.  Ego is the false self inflated with its own importance. 

Before achieving freedom through transformation, (a) that ego must recognize itself.  And as this takes place, so too do we (b) begin to recognize the lies.  With these two steps accomplished we begin to see reality, and thus become very powerful as Beings made of Spiritual Essence, directing the material body and the physical world; afraid of no one nor their opinions of us.  No one can fool us any more.  We become lie-proof.  And this is what transformation is.

Apparently, in ancient times there were a few - as now - who began to look at reality and couldn't make sense out of the religious cults' blind adherence to specious teachings.  They, however, couldn't make statements concerning it, for if they did, they would be burnt at the stake or eliminated.  So, their hunger for truth, made them create Secret Paths and secret societies in which they could learn and practice the mysteries of life unencumbered by the liars and fanatics which made/make up 85% of the population of this planet.  So I borrowed the term, The Path of Hidden Knowledge, from those days.

Though today mostly all is done openly, if one is really sincere about learning about his life and spiritual nature, s/he will find that - even though we have all kinds of modern conveniences - we are very poor in knowing about ourselves, and we discover that by living an esoteric, hidden path, (a personal, private life) we more easily get along with the 85%  while in the process of eliminating all the "lies" pushed on us since childhood. This  helps us to have and maintain a certain knowledge that is completely different from all the "scientific" proofs about nothing and the philosophy of the "happy-go-lucky" 85%.


Why I Created the Path of Hidden Knowledge

I was  greatly influenced by my initiation given to me by my father at 6 years of age.  His almost daily short discourses on natural law, greatly influenced my whole life.  His short lectures were not from old, musty scriptures, but calculated to awaken in me a love for questioning everthing.  These discourses actually awakened a certain psychic/spiritual sensitivity in me.  This sensitivity actually got me in trouble in later life when I discovered that - due to the lies that ran/run rampant in society - life in general didn't even come close to the idealism of my father nor of my own.  I suffered a great deal because of this.  Later I became bitter about my values not jiving with the majority and thus learned to lie in order to not be lonely.  I was such a good liar.  But even my lies were grandiose on the side of pro-survival values.

To complicate this, a terror phobia began to take possession of me.  Here I was performing happily on stage in front of hundreds of people doing a good job when this terror would take control of me.  I'm proud to say I never ran from these incidents on stage even though I was pretty terrified.  I spent over $200,000.00 on regressions which, though helping me a lot, did not solve the phobia simply because the coaches I had, had never experienced it and thus didn't know how to deal with it.  It was years later during my first transformation that I, alone and prepared to die if necessary, no matter what, that I went through this phenomenon and finally understood it.  Through this I learned that the terror was a creation of mine as a result of confronting my false self - my inflated ego - due to the lies of life imbedded in me; the lies I myself created in order to fit in "society," the lies of tradition, the trauma experienced in this life and past lives, and the lies of the authorities educated beyond their intelligence.  It had not much to do with normal nervousness on stage.  This phenomenon was well known to the ancient mystics.  They called it the Terror at the Threshold.  It is a psychic/psychological process of confronting your conscience, your false self, your inflated ego.  After confronting it one is ready to be who he truly is; and this is the freed Self with a Magnetic Personality.

I am happy to say that I have discovered the secret of becoming a great artist.  I discovered it in coaching vocal and classical guitar students.  I noticed that some of my vocal students had great voices and some of them were quite good looking; yet could not rise as true stars.  Why?  I made the discovery that turned me into a Life-Coach: Their personality did not show the true Self.  They were not in touch with that sublime Being on the inside. The true Self was wall-papered with a veneer of lies and false pride.  Audiences react to these transformed artists and love them, for they communicate to them what is real. When I discovered this I began working on methods of transforming people from a phony self to the Real Self.

I began working on the construction of the Path and discovered here my main Purpose in Life.  I spent years on end thinking, experimenting and writing; and within 13 years, more or less, wrote the Textbooks and Course Manuals that accompany the actual private Courses.  Ecstasy is finding one's purpose in life.  And, almost daily, I give thanks for this Purpose that allows me to help students that come to me from every part of the world to walk the Path of Hidden Knowledge.


The First Key in Personal Transformation begins with, Seeing and Feeling who you truly are.

The Second Key eliminates all your hang-ups passed on to you by the liers in this civilization.   

The Third Key is Loving Yourself.  Only then will you have freedom to live exactly as you wish.


In Course 1 0f, The Path of Hidden Knowledge, titled, A Guide to Self Transformation, Self-Love and Contentment - you will definitely transform yourself on the material, successful side of life in 180 days. I wrote this Course with that intention. But from Courses 9 through 12, you will deliberately investigate your heritage of infinite power. And you will have an inquiring mind into all that passes for “truth” and “knowledge” in our present society.  You will never fear another.

 Now that you know a little more about The Path and its system of self-empowerment, go to Next Page to study the steps.

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